A downloadable game for Windows and Android

This is the prototype of a game I might make. It's really REALLY early with placeholder sprites. Currently there are 2 levels, and both scale up heavily (for performance testing).

Controls (android):

Tilt = move

Tap = shoot, hold to charge.

Controls (Windows test version):

Arrows = left/right

Click screen = shoot, hold to charge

Please note, the game is intended for droid, the Windows version is provided in case you lack a phone that can play it.

Your hitbox on your ship doesn't include the wings, so you can slip through some stuff that would otherwise be fatal. Max combo multiplier is 15x, and the number of asteroids spawned scales with it. Obviously this means the point gain is exponential, so just try not to accidentally blow yourself up with your combo.

Install instructions

It's an APK, so just download it and make sure your phone can install packages from outside sources. Permissions are Internet for the as-of-yet-not-implemented highscore boards and write_external_storage for the sound toggle INI.

If you really want the windows test version, it's just a single executable. However the game is meant to be played on a phone.


S4_0_0_3.apk 9 MB
S4_0_0_3.exe 2 MB

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